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The Unexplored is a group of travel enthusiasts embarked on a journey to promote the most scenic and unique travel destination of India, the North East. Since 2019, We have been providing travelers, tourists, and adventure seekers the experience of the North East in the most authentic way.

Along with being passionate travelers, we also have our share of professional experience in the field of education thus we understand the importance of Experiential Learning for the students which is vital to enhance their social skills and knowledge through observation, experience and reflection on actions.

We have worked and deliberated to formulate programs in collaboration with schools that add value to students' lives and provide them with an exciting learning experience away from their classrooms.

Thus, we initiated our journey to introduce Experiential Learning that will massively benefit the students of schools and colleges in all spheres of life.


“Not all Classrooms have four walls.”

In today's dynamic and ever-changing world, the aspect of spiritual, emotional, and mental health of students is a prime concern of parents and teachers. Children deal with low self-confidence and crumble when they encounter slight disturbances in life. Tough competition and peer pressure rarely allow them to cooperate.

The parents are also worried about the increasing screen time, which negatively affects their physical and mental health. In addition, classroom learning experiences can sometimes become burdensome for children.

It is where Experiential Learning comes to play. The Student-centric learning Experience focussed on "Learning by doing." This engaging process ensures the overall development of the children, where they learn through experience and reflect on them. Hence, to make the process of acquiring knowledge and learning more exciting and instill life skills in children, Experiential Learning is the key.


The students will participate in a wide range of activities which will benefit them both academically and personally. Moreover, it will let them:

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